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Add WLAN-Network

Here you can add a new WLAN-network to the database. Please enter only networks where you have the permission to publish them. This is possible in case you are the owner and provider of such a network, in case the owner and provider gave you the explicit permission or in case the network is public and the related data have been published by the owner already.

BSSID / MAC-Address of the network: The BSSID of the network in format XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX, XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX or XXXXXXXXXXXX
-> Where can I find the BSSID?
Position of the network (center point): Please enter the permalink from OpenStreetMap here that belongs to the exact position of your WLAN-device (the link it is formatted like "")
-> How can I get the position and the permalink?
Position of the network (Latitude): The exact degree of latitude that belongs to the position of the sender
-> How can I get the degree of latitude?
Position of the network (Longitude): The exact degree of longitude that belongs to the position of the WLAN-sender
-> How can I get the degree of longitude?
Country: The country where this WLAN-network has its position into